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Points of View: you have opinions, we have answers

Posted at 4:30 pm, January 30, 2015 in Fun London

Welcome to the first of our Points of View series. This is your chance to tell us what you think of Time Out and for us to tell you that you are just plain WRONG. Okay, no really, this is a safe space – you talk, we listen. Think of it like a modern day letters page. Remember letters? Us neither.

It’s been a temperate week at Time Out towers, for once. The heating has given up the ghost, you see, finally bringing the temperature down to the point where we’re not all perspiring into our rooibos. Seriously, it’s like an inescapable journalistic sauna in here most of the time – sweat dripping onto our notebooks, smudging our shorthand like salty tears. It’s a sort of media-world ‘Apocalypse Now’, but without Marlon Brando breathing heavily in a dark corner. Except when Geoff’s in; he has asthma. 


This week we’ve learned, not that we didn’t know already, that you lot absolutely love tube stations.  Our ‘What’s your favourite tube station?’ poll drew absolutely shitloads of responses. Some of you got all emotional:

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 15.01.05

Manuela, you can go anywhere as long as it’s north. Which in many ways is like going nowhere. It’s a nice idea, but it’s wrong. Very wrong.

Others professed their love for the sillier side of the tube network:

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 15.13.48

Which in turn drew one of our favourite responses of the week, a witty aside from a reader who seemingly has no knob:

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 15.14.30

Oh Daniel, you poor, thirsty, cock-less thing.


Meanwhile, news that the London Eye was set to be illuminated by no less a delicious corporate megaconglomerate than Coca-Cola predictably drew the ire of many Time Out readers. Kathy here appears to have choked on something half way through her angry posting:

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 15.23.36

Kathy!? Are you okay?? Oh, nope, she’s fine.

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 15.23.43

Another drink we don’t need from the good old USA! Yeah, take that society! We’re trying to think of other drinks here, but we’re too busy guzzling our way through this two-litre bottle of Coke Life. Ahhh, healthy.


On Twitter, meanwhile, we posted this



The reaction to which can only be described as genuine uproar. Who knew you were all so freaked out by snow?

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 15.37.06 Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 15.36.54 Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 15.37.18 Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 15.37.33

This guy on the other hand was pretty damn excited, though maybe more about the concept of possibility than about snow itself:

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 15.37.14



We posted a video of a child playing piano in King’s Cross station – the little dude was brilliant at tinkling them ivories. You could say that he killed it. But hey, this was on the internet, so people didn’t hold back from criticising an eight year-old who can play Chopin.

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 16.12.46 Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 16.12.56 Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 16.14.22 Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 16.17.05

Or this person, who is very disappointed in her own child and wants the internet to know:

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 16.13.29


Finally, Sue poses the question we’ve all wanted to ask.


‘IS THAT BORIS JOHNSON?’ Sue, on Facebook.

It’s been a real whirlwind. See you next week, yeah?

By Eddy Frankel

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