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What it’s really like to work on a London sex(y) party

Posted at 4:15 pm, February 17, 2015 in Music & Nightlife
Laundromat © Flickr: Ashley Campbell

© Flickr: Ashley Campbell

Working at London’s arty, sexy party Kinky Salon isn’t all fun and games. The KSL team shared some of their more awkward moments with us…

‘There’s nothing like taking heavy bags of sheets to a laundromat after a party and hoping our volunteers have managed to catch every last condom! After one service wash, the laundry owner handed us a bag of used condoms and said: “We don’t wash these.”’ – Candy

‘It’s important to set up the sound system with the iPod well out of everyone’s reach, otherwise you’ll suddenly find yourself riding your partner in time to the jaunty strains of “The Archers” theme, as happened to me at our No Kink Please, We’re British party.’ – Grace

‘At my first ever KSL, I was awkwardly having sex in the playroom, and all of a sudden two ankles came between our faces and we ended up just giggling away. Having something really light hearted to laugh about actually made us much more comfortable.’ – Shazza

‘It’s amazing what people leave behind after a party: I now have a large collection of wigs for every occasion, and there’s always several sex toys and floggers left behind. We do throw away all the knickers we find though, so don’t wear your fanciest Agent Provocateur lingerie unless you are careful to take them home afterwards. One of our community suggests to newbies that they twist them around their ankles after taking them off so they are easy to find afterwards!” – Grace

“Within one week I had booked a Jessica Rabbit drag queen and a herd of unicorns, ordered 400 Top Trumps cards for our interactive game, rented a heater for the hot tubs from a company that makes them for birthing pools and baptismal fonts, and had about 30 pool noodles in gigantic boxes delivered to my house for constructing the wet area for the hot tubs. It was a surreal, but efficient week.” – Shazza

Find out everything you need to know about Kinky Salon London and head to kinkysalonlondon.co.uk to register for the next event, which is on March 21. 

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