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Ten reasons to visit Soho’s new underground, tube-themed bar

Posted at 5:30 pm, March 4, 2015 in Food & Drink, Music & Nightlife, Photos of London

Cahoots©Rob Greig

Get ready, London’s getting a new 1940s themed underground bar called Cahoots and it opens tomorrow.

Reverting back to its roots as an air raid shelter, the Soho drinking den is inspired by a tube station in post-war London, with alcohol and illicit happenings aplenty. ‘Not another “immersive experience”‘, we hear you cry. Well a) it’s actually more of a secretive, stylised bar that just happens to have staff in costumes and character, and b) shush – you know you love it. The bar is also decked out with authentic vintage TfL tube seat fabric and a wooden, escalator-inspired stairway. Oh, now you’re interested!

Here are ten reasons you should go and check it out (and no, we’re not in cahoots with the bar, we just kinda like it).

drinks at Cahoots

1. The creative, elaborate cocktail menu

Seriously – it’s eight pages long and includes a smoking cocktail served in a massive clock (so a clocktail?). There are drinks served in Thermos flasks and milk bottles, ingredients like beetroot and Oxo cubes and fancy spins on old classics.

cahoots staff

2. The staff are always in character

From the ticket officer on the door to the chaps behind the bar, all staff members have their own character straight from 1946. They’ve practised accents, adopted nicknames and even have their own personal stories behind why they’re working in a secret underground bar. Sure, sure – just get us a drink.

Cahoots© Rob Greig

3. The escalator stairs

Upon entering the bar you’ll head down a staircase inspired by the wooden escalators of the 1940s London Underground. Combined with the tiled walls and the station sign outside, the entrance is a definite Instagram opportunity.

Cahoots© Rob Greig

4. The snug cubby hole inspired by an air raid bunker

The tiny, dimly lit air raid bunker seating area separated from the rest of the bar is a great place to take a date; the intimate lighting and close proximity is bound to inspire some post-war bunking.

Cahoots© Rob Greig

5. For a home from home

Just as people used to do when they were holed up in an air raid shelter for days on end, this underground immersive bar is furnished with comfy chairs and quirky lampshades.

Cahoots© Rob Greig

6. The antiques

As well as the homely trinkets, this place has a load of antiques ranging from vintage posters and old tube signs to old TfL fabric used for the seats of a train carriage replica.

Cahoots© Rob Greig

7. The train replica

Because who doesn’t love their daily commute so much that they want to spend more time sat in a train-like compartment with strangers? The difference here is that you won’t have those face-to-armpit moments, and drinking is most definitely permitted.

swing music and dance Cahoots

8. The electro swing music

The bar will host a range of 1940s-style singers and musicians, and is even considering putting on some cabaret.


9. The costumes

Costumes are very welcome and it’s a great chance to dress up in your 1940s glad rags, but no, it isn’t compulsory. Spoilsports.

Cahoots© Rob Greig

10. The secrets

Insider tip – head to the back of the menu and read the envelope titled ‘Do Not Open.’ Inside you’ll find the bar’s black market specials. Go for the martini and you’ll get a cocktail served at your table from a disguised cocktail trolley.

Cahoots is at 13 Kingly Court, London, W1B 5PW.

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