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Britain’s 50 worst blackspots for air pollution are all in London

Posted at 5:15 pm, March 9, 2015 in News

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New facts and figures show us that in London we’re breathing in the dirtiest, most toxic air in the entire country.

Earlier this year we told you that Oxford Street had already maxed out its annual legal pollution limit before we were even half way through January. Well now it seems there is more sinister news, as it’s been revealed that the toxicity levels in our air are up to three and a half times the EU legal limit. The limit (set by the European Union) is 40 micrograms of nitrogen dioxide per cubic metre on average per year and Marylebone Road, one of our worst blackspots, has racked up 132 micrograms. So yeah, shit’s got pretty bad.

Every single one of the country’s blackspots for air pollution are in London and all of the locations showed pollution levels of at least 92 micrograms, which is two and half times the limit. The biggest pollution offenders are Marylebone Road, Park Lane, Knightsbridge, the Hammersmith Flyover and the East Ham and Barking Bypass. Oxford Street, the one usually mentioned as the worst offender reached number seven on the top 50 list.

Getting a bit desensitised reading articles about how bad air pollution is in the capital? Well before you click away in search of the latest picture of Kim Kardashian’s bleached hair, you should be aware that nitrogen dioxide is killing 29,000 people a year, and is linked to lung infections, asthma and other respiratory issues. So maybe pick up one of those fetching dirt and germ blocking face masks on your way home.

Take a look at this face mask revealing how much pollution we breathe in each day.

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