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The missing link: chains that work as cheap eats

Posted at 12:15 pm, March 12, 2015 in Food & Drink

We hope by now that you’ve seen our Cheap Eats feature for 2015 – and that our list of the 100 best London restaurants serving good food at prices that won’t send you into the red got you salivating.

When compiling the list we focused primarily on independently run or standalone local restaurants serving good-value, high-quality food to the attention of Londoners living nearby or with a particular interest in that cuisine. There didn’t seem much point in stating the obvious: carb-fest pizzerias, beefed-up burger bars and takeaway chains are par for the course when it comes to eating for under a tenner.

But that’s not to say that such places don’t deserve recognition – Leon, Wahaca and Tortilla are just three of the tasty, good-value London pit-stops that spring to mind but that didn’t make the cut.

Which restaurant chains get your vote when it comes to eating on the cheap? And which places are you sorry we missed? Tweet @TimeOutEatDrink and let us know.

By Nicola Arencibia

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