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The top five most London-y scenes from Bollywood movies

Posted at 3:15 pm, March 16, 2015 in Arts & Entertainment
Bollywood London

When it comes to Bollywood movies you probably think of, y’know, India. But when a blockbuster needs to evoke an air of international sophistication, there’s no better location to shoehorn in than glorious London. Here are five times Indian cinema made a right old song and dance here in the capital.

1) ‘Tenu Leke’ from ‘Salaam-E-Ishq’

Tenu Leke London 2 Tenu Leke London 1

Trafalgar Square is a choice location for for these segments – watch the links to the videos below and you’ll see it appearing again and again. Here’s a guy putting on some moves for a non-plussed gal who’s eventually and inevitably seduced by the magic of dance. (They also cheekily splice in some random shots of Oxford, but that’s okay. We guess.)

Watch the video.

2) ‘Vande Mataram’ from ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham’

Houses of Parliament Bollywood Westminster Bridge

Londoninesss level: high. Swag level: MAXIMUM.

Watch the video, if only for the weird baby-kissing bit.

3) ‘KhanaBadosh’ from ‘London Dreams’


It’s not all picture-postcard locations – here’s a routine set in the skating haven of the South Bank undercroft. (Unfortunately the routine does not involve skateboards.)

Watch the video.

4) Shah Rukh performs ‘Challa Song’ in Jab ‘Tak Hai Jaan’


Less dancing, more fishmongering. So goes the theory behind this segment, where our leading man takes a moment to flog some cod down Borough Market.

Watch the video.

5) ‘Mere Dil Ki Chaahat’ from ‘London Calling’

Mere Dil Ki Chaahat - London Calling Bollywood-London-Underground-Tube-Dance

Crikey, talk about hogging the pole. Truly a sizzling highlight in the otherwise less-than-erotic history of the Metropolitan line.

Watch the video.

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