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There’s a mysterious puzzle hidden in A Door in a Wall

Posted at 8:00 am, March 18, 2015 in Arts & Entertainment, Fun London


London is full of secrets. Around every corner, behind every door, in every mind in the capital, there’s the potential for an exciting revelation – you just have to seek them out. And to do so, you need curiosity, a sense of adventure and mad detective skills. But where and how can you exercise such attributes without accidentally breaking and entering a suspected master-criminal’s lair? We have the answer, because A Door in a Wall will be giving you the opportunity to flex your inquisitive muscles with their latest urban adventure in the form of the brand new sleuthing game, ‘The Life and Death of Paul Marrane’, coming to Poplar this May.

“No one seems to know much about Professor Paul Marrane, that is, until his sudden demise attracts the attention of some powerful figures. Whispered rumours have led people to believe that he had a highly unusual life and now representatives from four influential organisations are heading to Poplar in eager preparation for the reading of his will in the hopes of taking a claim to the estate… and his secrets. But what are their ultimate designs?”

Poplar - Sean Batten

[The much-photographed Poplar footbridge. Photo: Sean Batten]

The live-action puzzle-game has been put together in association with east London social landlord Poplar HARCA and will run May 1–31 on selected evenings and weekends. So whether you like snooping into other people’s lives, just really like solving clues or have a need to be number one in everything you do, this is a safe, hilarious, puntastic and legal way to don a deerstalker and solve a mystery. Take a look at their previous game here:

Tickets are available for £30 at adoorinawall.com.

By Carly-Ann Clements

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