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This app tells you which of your Facebook friends is your dream housemate

Posted at 10:00 am, March 18, 2015 in Property
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Picking a housemate is pretty terrifying. How do you work out whether your potential new roomie has secret psycho tendencies or is disgustingly messy? We all know some people can be great friends but then awful, awful people to share a house with.

A Swedish company has come up with a solution: The Roomie Test. It scours your friends’ Facebook profiles to see who shares the most interests and mutual friends with you. It also looks for geographical obstacles and considers the way ‘you think on Facebook’.

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Yes, it sounds creepy. But, we think it might actually work. For example, it suggested I live with one of my best friends – and I reckon that would be awesome! Have a go for yourself.

Think finding a flatmate’s hard? Try finding an actual flat.

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