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International Day of Happiness: five free events to put you in a good mood

Posted at 6:15 pm, March 19, 2015 in Free, Fun London

We might be a city notorious for our down-in-the-mouth persuasions, but March 20 could be the day to change that. Get ready to flex those cheek muscles guys, because tomorrow is International Day of Happiness, aka the one day a year you can smile at strangers on the tube without freaking them out. We lied – they’ll probably still be freaked out, but at least it’ll be a timely gesture. As well as telling your mum, your best mate or long-suffering partner how much you love and appreciate them, here are some more ways to get involved with the internationally imposed cheeriest day of the year. We promise they’ll help you to turn that frown upside down, look on the bright side of life, etc, etc. You can go back to being grumpy tomorrow. 

Positive Message Flash Mob

Join the happy mob

The mean streets of London are getting their very own cheerleaders tomorrow in the form of a ‘positive message flash-mob’. And you can join in. Just head to the National Gallery, above Trafalgar Square at 8am where you’ll be greeted by some enthusiastic strangers bearing art equipment, so you can draw up a sign with the positive message you’d like to spread. The aim is to connect with passers by and make them feel more positive about going about their days. Find out more on the group’s Facebook page. Bad vibes not welcome.


The Canvas cafe

Drop into Hackney’s happy café

London’s first self-declared ‘happiness café’, The Canvas in Hackney opened on March 4 and naturally, this is its time to shine. They’ve been collecting happy thoughts all week from customers, which they’ve collated as a huge self-esteem boosting art installation inside the café. On the big day, they’re offering complimentary massages noon-4pm, plus 45-minute laughing session from 6pm. LOLs indeed.


Happi app

Get appy

If you haven’t already got Happiour, the app which helps you find the best foodie freebies and offers, download it, stat. They’ve got freebie offers for everything from burritos to beers to bubble teas throughout the day. Guaranteed to make you and your stomach very, very happy.


St Martin's Courtyard

Find your ‘Happy Place’ at St Martin’s Courtyard

Get yourself down to St Martin’s Court Yard tomorrow for an all-day schedule of ‘fun-tivities’. There’s free breakfast from Moma, zen-boosting tai chi and meditation classes throughout the day and free canapes and fizz (yes, fizz!) 6-7pm. That’s Friday night’s first drink sorted.


1999 solar eclipse; next one Mar 20 2015; pic from Wiki

Watch the eclipse with your mates

As well as Happiness Day, tomorrow happens to be the day the first partial solar eclipse in 18 years will take place, which by our count makes for two reasons to celebrate. And that, we suppose, is what this International Day of Happiness malarky is all about. We’ve picked the best ways to watch the eclipse here, so invite your friends to join you and bond over the moment of gloom.


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By Hayley Spencer

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