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Beer and chocolate? What an eggcellent idea

Posted at 6:15 pm, March 20, 2015 in Food & Drink

There’s a reason you won’t find Dairy Milks and Double Deckers behind the bar at your local pub – salty, meaty things make a much more natural companion to frothy, beery things. Simple food science.

That doesn’t mean suds and chocs can’t coexist at all, though – a point East Dulwich craft beer shop Hop Burns & Black is keen to prove with its upcoming beer and chocolate pairing event. And they might be on to something.

For starters, the chocs aren’t your average, mass-produced rubbish, but high-cocoa bars from Melange on Peckham’s Bellenden Road, in varieties as bonkers as raspberry and rosemary or cumin and mint. The beers, meanwhile, have been specially chosen from HB&B’s well-stacked shelves and fridges, which house brews from the unlikeliest corners of the world (along with plenty of the best new and classic London-made drops, naturally).

Tickets for the event cost £20 and are very limited indeed, so get your name down now for an alternative pre-Easter sugar fix. You may never order another pack of dry roasted again.

Hop Burns & Black, 38 East Dulwich Road, SE22 9AX. Book tickets here.

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