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Is London getting a fox café?

Posted at 5:15 pm, March 23, 2015 in Animals
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Foxes love cafés almost as much as they love rummaging through your bins and shrieking while having sex. Want proof? Check out this little guy paying a visit to Caffé Nero at BBC HQ. He dashes around the tables like a speedy waiter then rushes to the back of the café to – we assume – clear up some kind of spillage for a clumsy customer. In fact, if you have the sound on, you’ll probably hear him asking whether anyone wants a caramel shot in their latte. 


So, when we heard the news that the bushy little fellas might be opening a pop-up café in east London, we were pleased for them. The misunderstood critters have been trying to establish themselves within the workplace for years, with little success. In fact when a fox fell through the ceiling of North Middlesex University Hospital – clearly, because he wanted nursing work experience – he was met with fear.


The café’s called Stevie The Fox, and while we’re not entirely sure whether it’s a real thing or an internet prank yet, we can tell you that it has both a website and a Twitter, as well as a form to sign up for tickets. If it does exist, it will create jobs for six of London’s foxes. They’ll be fully trained and domesticated under the supervision of handlers and you’ll be able to play with them for an hour and a half. Oh, and it will support the other major fox industries by serving hot drinks with Fox’s Biscuits and Fox’s Glacier Mints.


Yes, some people might think that London’s had its fair share of animal cafés open over the past year, what with the cat café, an owl bar and a pig pop-up on the way, but we say good on you foxes for achieving your career dreams. The website explains that the launch date is May 25. Fingers crossed it’s a real thing because I haven’t had a Fox’s Biscuit in ages.

We’ve contacted Stevie The Fox for comment.

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 By Kate Lloyd

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