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The five best places to work and play in Lower Clapton

Posted at 2:15 pm, March 23, 2015 in Arts & Entertainment, Fun London

Looking for places to work and play? Lower Clapton is the the place to be. Our friends over at Hype App explain why…

Balancing work and play is a constant fight for Londoners, and here at Hype we do our best to find a happy medium between the two. In the pursuit of this goal, we reckon Lower Clapton excels at both of these.

1. Hatch Homerton
‘Hatch Homerton has a little bit of everything. In addition to regularly hosting great events, it’s part coffee shop, part co-working space, part bar, part furniture dealer, and part barber shop. Yep, we’re serious. Filled with east London creatives and freelancers during the day sipping coffee, and locals relaxing over a few beers at night, it’s one of our favourites.’


2. Pacific Social Club
‘A great place to catch up with a friend or have a quick meeting in Lower Clapton. If the no-computer policy in the front room and exceptional coffee served out of amazing/amusing cups isn’t enough for you, they also host the outstanding Sho Foo Doh Pop-Up every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evening. These masters of Hiroshima style Okonomiyaki have their Japanese pancake game on lock. Grab a few beers and relax.’ 

3. 119 Lower Clapton
‘Great coffee, fantastic breakfast, brunch, and lunch dishes, and an interior that would comfortably fit in any Kinfolk or Cereal photoshoot. Make friends with the baristas, we promise they don’t bite. This café also regularly hosts art shows, so take your eyes off the perfect latte art and look at what’s hanging on the walls.’

Hackney Downs

4. Hackney Downs Studios
‘A creative hub located between Dalston and Clapton, Hackney Downs Studios host a range of small businesses (think yoga, a bike repair shop, and great café The Russet in addition to the many artists who call it home). It’s the classic example that shows if you provide a platform for artists, independent businesses to support them will follow suit.’

5. Yard Sale Pizza
‘After spending the day running around in the neighbourhood, nothing is better then a huge pizza split between friends. While the specials change every week, make sure to try the ‘TSB’ – it’s one of our favourite things to eat in east London.’

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