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Someone’s worked out how much it’d cost to swing a cat in London

Posted at 4:15 pm, March 24, 2015 in Property


Bad news, cat torturers of west London – the area has become so prohibitively expensive that, these days, a room in SW3 big enough to swing a cat would set you back a mighty £158k. And that’s before you’ve dealt with the fallout from the RSPCA and paid someone to clean up the mess.

Would-be feline-flingers won’t find it much cheaper elsewhere in London, either. The same space in the West End costs around £145k, while in leafy, animal-loving Hampstead it’s £86k. Even in traditionally cheaper spots such as Peckham you’re looking at £47k.

This rather odd perspective on the London housing market comes courtesy of Shelter, which has produced catswing.io to illustrate the absurd numbers you’ll encounter when trying to buy a flat in London. After you’ve had a play, sign Shelter’s petition asking the government to build some more affordable homes. Do it for the cats, if nothing else.

By David Clack

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