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London has the coolest ball pit ever

Posted at 10:00 am, March 27, 2015 in Fun London
The Idol © Emil Charlaff

Kids get to have all the fun. Happy Meals, early bed times, supermarket tantrums and – best of all – ball pits. And now, they get to play in a ball pit designed by brilliant Turner Prize-nominated artist Marvin Gaye Chetwynd. She has designed an incredible three-storey play space in Dagenham’s Abbey Leisure centre that looks like a giant robot. It’s ominously called ‘The Idol’ and features a snakeskin ballpit and all sorts of climbing frame shenanigans.

The Idol © Emil Charlaff

It’s sinister, creepy, and looks like a whole heap of fun. So, totally unfair that it’s just for kids. Except – hurrah! – it isn’t. Adults are being allowed to party like they’re still seven years old every Thursday between 6pm and 9pm until May 24. And you thought the only ball pit you’d ever get to see again was if you got into swinging!

Go to Create London for more info.

Or check out Regression Sessions, the club night with a bouncy castle, ball pit and other cool stuff.

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