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Date night: the blind date

Posted at 1:11 pm, March 31, 2015 in Dating, Fun London
Blind date, St John's Hill

Every week, two lucky Londoners get to have a night or day out – and it’s on us! We set up Janey and Charlie on a blind date, but did the sparks fly?

The venue: Dinner and drinks at The Schoolhouse

The couple: Janey (24) is a script reader in Tooting. Charlie (30) runs a tech start-up and lives in Willesden Green.

First impressions

He said: ‘I was relieved! She was very attractive, the type of girl that I normally go for. She looked like she’d put a lot of effort into the date. I’d ended up getting changed for the date in the office toilet, so I could have done better, but she looked great.’

She said: ‘He just seemed like a really nice guy. I felt pretty comfortable as soon as I met him. He was smart and clean looking and quite warm. I was nervous, but I actually fancied him straight away. I just couldn’t understand why he was still single.’

Blind date, St John's Hill


He said: ‘We were chatting so much. We talked about everything. We had immediate chemistry. At one point, the waiter spilt something on my jeans, and she reached for a napkin. I thought it was going to be one of those “moments”, but she just handed it to me.’

She said: ‘We just got on. We left loads of food on our plates because we were talking the whole time. I feel like I know his life story now! We both have the same outlook on life. It was actually the most successful date I’ve been on in a while. He was a real gent.’


He said: ‘We ended up staying there until past 11, so everything was closed by the time we were done. We finished with a kiss, but no tongues. If she says yes, I’ll definitely see her again.’ 4/5 stars

She said: ‘We didn’t go anywhere afterwards, but he asked for my number and made me ring his phone so he could be sure it wasn’t a fake! There was a kiss, but it was a classic goodbye kiss. Very polite and respectful.’  4.5/5 stars

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