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Video: Watch a woman take a pet leopard for a walk through Kensington

Posted at 3:15 pm, March 31, 2015 in Animals

Let’s flip-reverse things back to the ’60s, when everyone was too busy perfecting their winged liner to have time to think about things like animal cruelty. Bearing that in mind – and also the fact that we obviously don’t condone mistreating animals in anyway at all – this video of secretary Angela McWilliams walking her pet leopard through Kensington is one of the best things we’ve ever seen. Especially since he’s called…  Michael. 


Can you think of anything more sassy than putting on your biggest, furriest jacket, sweeping your hair into a towering updo and then strutting down the streets of west London with a big cat on a leash? Or the feeling of total fierceness when you bumped into that douchebag from the PTA and her sausage dog ran away to the other end of Hyde Park just because it was scared of a little leopard. #sorrynotsorry.


Imagine the pure satisfaction when that Stepford wife from next door looked you up and down because your jacket was BHS and hers was Prada, and you could be like: ‘Nice leopard print coat Sandra. I mean, it must keep you warm and all, but I’ve got AN ACTUAL FRICKIN’ LEOPARD on a leash right now.’


Get ready for our favourite GIF.



And, what makes this footage even better is that the commentary’s done by a man who sounds like he’s doing the voiceover for a very average episode of  ‘Mr Ben’. In a calm clipped tone, he explains: ‘Michael does his best to be friendly, trouble is he doesn’t realise his own strength. Angela says he’s a lovely pet, except he has this silly habit of chewing up the furniture. Much better than chewing up people though.’ Silly Michael!

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