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#ThisDoesntMeanYes: Get shot by photographer PEROU for new anti-rape campaign

Posted at 6:15 pm, April 10, 2015 in News
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Rape Crisis UK has teamed up with fashion photographer PEROU on new campaign #ThisDoesntMeanYes to dispel the myths around what constitutes consent.

The organisation is inviting women to head to Shoreditch tomorrow (April 11) afternoon to get shot by the photographer in their sauciest outfit. It’s hoped the shots will start a debate about a woman’s right to freedom of expression.

The shoot will take place from 4pm at Braithwaite Tunnel and you’re encouraged to ‘dress up, show-off and express yourself’ in your brightest lipstick, shortest skirt and deepest V.

Rape Crisis UK explains: ‘No one should be able to blame rape on a short skirt. A short skirt can’t talk – a short skirt can’t say yes’.

Find out more at thisdoesntmeanyes.com.

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