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The Olivier Awards: watch London’s version of the Oscars tonight

Posted at 9:30 pm, April 12, 2015 in Arts & Entertainment
Patrick Stewart

Calling all luvvies! This weekend the Olivier Awards, London’s theatre equivalent of the Oscars, darling, will ratchet up the number of ‘clebs wearing fancy gowns in our fair city. The likes of Gillian Anderson, Mark Strong, James McAvoy, Kristin Scott Thomas and Richard Armitage are all nominated. As the best and brightest receive their awards in a sparkly ceremony, read what previous Olivier winner Patrick Stewart thought about bagging a nifty statue, while catching the highlights on ITV.


Won Best Entertainment (1994) and twice for Best Supporting Actor (1979 & 2009).

‘When I won the first one, I had been nominated twice. I was astonished to get these nominations, I remember opening the envelope, I had never thought I was the kind of person to get nominated for awards so I was thrilled. But when the ceremony came around and I left the place with only one award tucked under my arm, I was absolutely furious I hadn’t won both! I was in such a bad mood. In the space of three hours my modesty had been replaced by terrible hubris. It was only when I got home I realised that of course I was completely thrilled. I think the one for Best Entertainment pleases me most, because to be entertaining is basically our job description. And also because the late Sir Donald Sinden presented it to me. I was never sure whether people were paying attention or not when I was onstage, so winning an Olivier was some sort of reassurance.’

Who’ll win this year: ‘I haven’t seen any plays in London this year, so I couldn’t tell you. Lisa Dillon should win one at some point.’

Where’d you keep your statues: ‘In my house in Oxfordshire.’

Watch highlights of The Olivier Awards, hosted by Lenny Henry, on ITV on Sunday 12 April at 10.15pm

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