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Top of the pods: this month’s comedy podcast pick

Posted at 12:30 pm, April 12, 2015 in Arts & Entertainment
HOST Dave Nadelberg + Mortified Performers - credit Ashley West Leonard

[Picture: Ashley West Leonard]

The Mortified Podcast

Sounds embarrassing! Can be. ‘Mortified’ is a hugely popular live show in the States where members of the public read from their teenage diaries. Those thoughts and experiences seemed so important at the time, but reciting them decades later to a live audience – well, they’re just humiliating.

God, I couldn’t do that. Why would anyone want to read their journal in front of strangers? It’s funny! Plus it’s a cathartic experience, confronting the past – right?

And now it’s a podcast? Correct. Each week one reading 
(and a ‘postmortem-fied’ interview) are released as bite-sized, 15-minute episodes.

Where can I listen?getmortified.com is where to relive your teenage angst through the bravery 
of strangers.

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