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‘I was badly briefed.’ Three highlights from our Ed Miliband interview

Posted at 3:30 pm, April 20, 2015 in Fun London, News
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All photos: Cool Ed Miliband

In the run-up to the general election on May 7, we’re chatting to leading figures in all five major parties. In tomorrow’s magazine, Eddy Frankel interviews Labour leader Ed Miliband about gentrification, UKIP, Diet Coke and Joey Essex. #YOLO.

1. When he reveals his passion for pool

If drinking isn’t your thing, what’s your biggest vice?

‘I’m a secret pool player. Not quite a pool shark, but I’m better than people think. Though that’s probably quite a low bar, actually.

2. When he says ‘crumbs’

David Cameron is apparently Kim Kardashian’s thirteenth cousin. What reality TV star would you choose to be related to?

‘Crumbs, that is a tough question. Oh my goodness, Joey Essex? No, we’re not exactly separated at birth. Jermain Jackman? That is unlikely. You’ve stumped me.’

3. When he learns the word ‘YOLO’

Do you know what ‘YOLO’ means?

‘No. What does it mean?’

It stands for ‘you only live once’.

‘Is that right? That is a good philosophy for politics! It’s about a sense of adventure and doing what you want. Wow! I’ll use it from now on!’

Please don’t.

[He turns to his aides.] ‘If I said ‘YOLO’ to you, what would you say?’ [Silence.] ‘I was badly briefed.’

Read the full interview in tomorrow’s Time Out Magazine or right here.

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