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Slides, discos and beanbags: the most fun offices in London

Posted at 1:30 pm, April 23, 2015 in Fun London


Because your office shouldn’t be all about hard work…

1) Have a meeting on beanbags at Mind Candy

Mind Candy Offices in London with Moshi Monsters beanbags.

Are you a kid at heart? Then do whatever you must to land a job at Mind Candy, the entertainment company behind cutesy online game Moshi Monsters.

The slide in the Mind Candy offices, London

At their Shoreditch offices, staff scribble on the walls and zoom around on scooters. There are gumball machines, beanbags instead of chairs and the place is covered in bright green astroturf.

Mind Candy London Office, Treehouse

It’s also the only office where ‘step into my treehouse’ is genuine work chat, thanks to a meeting room that’s like something out of a childhood fantasy.

The reception at the Mind Candy Offices in east London.

‘There are probably more Nerf guns than pens here,’ says office manager Lydia Stephenson, ‘but creating a playful office means that we literally work hard, play hard.’

Colouring in wallpaper of Moshi Monsters at the Mind Candy offices.

2) De-stress in a padded cell at Wieden + Kennedy

A padded cell in Wieden + Kennedy's London office.

Need some quiet time? How about a nap? Or perhaps somewhere to scream expletives at your boss without them hearing? Spitalfields ad agency Wieden+Kennedy have found a solution – one of their meeting rooms is also a padded cell. With green cushioned walls, it has a built-in TV, games consoles and cuddly toys to comfort those stressed advertising bigwigs.

Wieden and Kennedy

If you fancy joining the team, you might want to take a few art classes first: every new starter is given a blank canvas to paint something on.

A wall of artwork at W+K London.

The finished creations are hung in reception, which looks like the fridge door of a particularly proud parent.

Wieden+Kennedy London Office W+K Blenderman W+K London Offices, Hanbury Street

3) Slide into success at Ticketmaster

There’s something really funny about seeing middle-aged men in suits hurtling down an indoor slide.

Ticketmaster London Office

Get a job at Ticketmaster and it could be an everyday sight, thanks to a massive steel tube built in the middle of their Angel office. ‘It’s faster than it looks,’ warns PR assistant Eleanor Thrower. ‘But it gives the office a fun, playground-like feel. I use it every day.’

Pool table in the Ticketmaster London office.

The slide leads straight into a basement complete with in-house bar, arcade games and jukebox.

Pinball machines in the London offices of Ticketmaster

Jealous? Well, you could always sit on an oven tray and throw yourself down your office fire escape. Or re-do your CV.

4) Start the day with a disco at Karmarama


Join the team at Karmarama and you could boogie into the office every morning. The entrance to this advertising agency in Farringdon is an illuminated passage which pumps out a D.I.S.C.O soundtrack and is guarded by a life-size stuffed llama, no less.

A meeting on beanbags in the London office of Karmarama

The party continues at the other end: the office houses the smallest pub in London and it brews its own beer. There’s a  sign that says “NO WANKERS PLEASE” (well, in German)

Keine Wixer Bitte: No Wankers Please, Karmarama London

…and there’s a pllar that’s also a Yeti or something.

Karmarama Karmarama café London, Motorcycle helmets

5) Cycle right to your desk at Pact Coffee

Pact Coffee London Office

Forget faffing about with basements and bike racks, staff at this coffee start-up can ride straight into the office. Housed in an old Victorian biscuit factory in Bermondsey, Pact Coffee HQ is so open-plan that cyclists don’t even have to dismount, and can park their bikes right next to their desks.

Pact Coffee

Freshly ground coffee is, of course, available on tap (and stovetop, сafetière, AeroPress…anything but instant).

Pact Coffee Office Kitchen, London

And that’s not all: ‘I used to be a circus performer,’ says HR manager Laura Bridges. ‘So we’ve installed some aerial silks for people to spin around on. They give staff breathing space.’

Pact Coffee

‘Plus, they double up as hammocks!’


Hate your job? How about one of these?

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