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Love life stink? Get yourself along to a Pheromone Party

Posted at 2:15 pm, May 29, 2015 in Dating, Fun London
Pheromone Party Sonya Barber

When the Pheromone Party craze caused a stink in London last April, many people were intrigued to go and get a whiff of the cool new concept dating night. Getting a ticket was easier said than done, though. But now they’re back with another date at The Book Club on June 9 and tickets have just gone on sale. So what’s the deal? Bring a t-shirt you’ve slept in that has absorbed your natural stench, put it in a bag with a number (that only you know), whack it on the pile and start sniffing out your soulmate! If you like the smell of someone else’s hormones, have your photo taken with the bag. Then hopefully that person will come find you and BOOM, it’s love. Or at least a cheeky snog!

Tickets cost £12 – snap yours up right now. We went down to the first Pheromone Party – find out what happened.

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