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Six new albums to soundtrack your week

Posted at 2:30 pm, June 1, 2015 in Arts & Entertainment


It’s Monday. Here’s some new sounds for your ear holes.

Florence And The Machine – ‘How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful’


Album of the Week

Still not on board with Florence Welch and her mighty lungs? This could be the album to change your mind. Read our full review.

Jamie XX – ‘In Colour’


The Putney beatmaker has finally made a solo debut album, but oddly enough it’s the tracks with his bandmates from The XX that shine brightest. Read our full review.

Kid Wave – ‘Wonderlust’


If you’ve got space for another hazy, dreamy indie band in your life (and trust us, you do) then make it Kid Wave. Slacker rock, shoegaze, shimmery dream-pop: there’s really nothing on their debut album that you haven’t heard before, but these four Londoners have a rare talent for making magic moments out of familiar elements. It’s just a shame ‘Wonderlust’ doesn’t quite measure up to the dizzy rush-and-crash of their live show. James Manning

Slaves – ‘Are You Satisfied?’


A couple of mouthy youths with a love of distorted guitars and a fuck-you attitude make an album that chides contemporary culture. It’s a recipe we’ve all encountered before, but not many bands recently have pulled it off as well as Slaves. The duo rampage through garage rock, grungy riffing and wry observations, even dabbling with softer songwriting and electronic rock. Not everything hits quite as hard as the first few storming tracks, and things occasionally threaten to become a little clichéd, but overall it’s a fine debut. Tristan Parker

Soak – ‘Before We Forgot How to Dream’


Bridie Monds-Watson is only 19, and some of the astonishing songs on her introspective, drifting debut album as Soak were written when she was even younger. It’s important to remember that while listening to ‘Before We Forgot…’, even though it’s flawed by some wishy-washy production and occasional listlessness. The record’s first lyric: ‘A teenage heart is an unguided dart.’ So is this album, but when Soak’s aim is true, it’s a piercing listen. James Manning

Sun Kil Moon – ‘Universal Themes’


It’s hard not to judge Mark Kozelek’s new album against last year’s brilliant ‘Benji’, and ‘Universal Themes’ just isn’t as good – but there’s still plenty for devoted SKM fans to love. Read our full review.


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