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Customers at Black Sheep Coffee buy coffees for the homeless

Posted at 2:30 pm, June 3, 2015 in Food & Drink
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Black Sheep Coffee has introduced a new scheme that makes it easy for customers to buy hot drinks for the homeless.

The coffee chain has introduced a ‘free coffee board’ system at its branch in Charlotte Street. Customers pay a discounted price for the donated drinks before placing a sticker on the board. Each sticker is the equivalent of a free coffee for a homeless person. They can just take a sticker off the wall and carry it with them to the counter to collect their cup. 

Black Sheep’s not the first café to introduce such a scheme. In January, Rosa’s Fresh Pizza in Philadelphia hit the headlines because of its ‘pay it forward’ pizza wall, which customers used to buy $1 slices for people who were going hungry. Plus, there’s a practice in Italy called ‘suspended coffee’, where customers purchase an extra drink for those who can’t afford it.

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