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Is this unofficial tube map easier to understand than the original?

Posted at 5:30 pm, June 3, 2015 in Maps, Transport
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Last week, the new Tube map was unveiled and… er, it had a few mistakes on it. That’s unless Tower Hill Fenchurch Street Tower Gateway is supposed to be some weird new hybrid station, but we’re guessing not.

Fear not though, the folks over at City Metric have discovered a redesigned map, featuring all the new lines, that’s much easier to understand. The map’s been posted on Wikipedia since last August by a Hong Kong based user ‘SameBoat’. It combines the straight lines and angles of the classic tube map with new, exciting curvy lines.

The map also fixes many of our the old classic’s problems. It shows which stations are close enough for you to walk between, and more importantly where you won’t be charged for changing trains. And it’s also finally moved Bethnal Green Overground south of Bethnal Green Underground.

What do you think of the unofficial redesign?

See the full-sized map here.

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