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London’s photographers are obsessed with this new walkway

Posted at 4:45 pm, June 4, 2015 in Fun London, Photos of London
Barney Moss

[Photo: Barney Moss]

Have you seen this walkway yet? Because every single photographer in London has.

Jordi Corbilla

[Photo: Jordi Corbilla]

It’s just a little bit ‘Battlestar Galactica’.

Ian Lloyd Smith Photography (KUTS)

[Photo: Kutz]

That vanishing point.

Umbreen Hafeez Crossrail Place 2

[Photo: Umbreen Hafeez / Real London Photos]

All that symmetry.

Paul Stevens

[Photo: Paul Stevens]

Those uncompromising angles.

Li Shen

[Photo: Panda1339]

They can’t get enough.

Crossrail Place - Umbreen Hafeez

[Photo: Umbreen Hafeez / Real London Photos]

You can find it in Crossrail Place, which opened in early May.

Kenny McCartney

[Photo: Kenny McCartney]

It connects the Canary Wharf DLR station to the forthcoming Crossrail station…

Sean Batten 2

[Photo: Sean Batten]

…in the most space-age manner possible.

Lee Davison Crossrail Canary Wharf

[Photo: Lee Davison]

It’s enough to make you burst into song.

Richard Banton

[Photo: Richard Banton]

And it’s the most popular walkway since this one in Poplar.

Canary Wharf Crossrail Tunnel - Sean Batten

[Photo: Sean Batten]

The quest for the perfect photograph continues.

Crossrail Tunnel - Jon Herbert

 [Photo: John Herbert]

Just watch out for lorries.

Crossrail Place walkway with lorry

[Photo: Jo]

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