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Five tips for finding a flatmate in London

Posted at 3:30 pm, June 7, 2015 in Property


Need to find a flatmate? Kate Lloyd offers her top tips for finding someone you actually want to live with.

1. Writing your ad

Do you like your own space or do you freak out when you have no-one to talk to for 20 minutes? Netflix or nights out? Museums or gym time? Describe what you’re really looking for in your ad, not what you think people will respond to. You might get fewer replies, but they’ll be from people you might actually like.

2. Use the Sambotestet

Stuck deciding who you want as a flatmate? There’s an app for that. Swedish real estate agency Fastighetsbyrån has made a (creepy, but very useful) program that uses your Facebook data to work out which of your friends would make your ideal housemate.

3. Hava Room/Wana Room

Facebook group Hava Room/Wana Room is a good source of potential housemates. Or, if you’re keen to live with friends-of-friends, upload a status asking if anyone’s looking for a new place to live. Make sure you’ve ticked ‘public’ in the top right-hand corner, then get friends to share it.

4. Meet some strangers

Spareroom, obvs. Shell out for an upgrade if you’re tight on time, it’ll get you ‘early bird access’ to other people’s ads. Or, head to one of the company’s regular Speed Flatmating parties. Yes, there might be weirdos there, but Spareroom promise 75-100 potential flatmates at each event so there’s gotta be someone you like.

5. The awkward interview

Meet your new roomie for a one-to-one before guaranteeing them a spot in the house. If you’ve not moved into the new place, suggest meeting in a quiet pub. Good questions to ask include: ‘what’s your nightmare house?’, ‘what’s your normal Saturday night?’ or ‘ARE YOU SECRETLY CRAZY?’ If conversation’s flowing naturally, you’re on to a winner.

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