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Hanging out in a park? This start-up will bring you a picnic

Posted at 12:10 pm, June 7, 2015 in Food & Drink

Lazy Londoners, rejoice! You can now go for a picnic in a central London park without even having to make an actual picnic. 

A new delivery service called Parknic is launching on June 5. Users can order a picnic from their selection of five and get it delivered to Hyde Park, St James’s Park or Green Park within the hour. Plus, you can stock up on wine, prosecco, beer, cider, gin in a tin and soft drinks too. (Only if you’re ordering food.)


Founder Rebecca Ross explains: ‘The idea came after we were sitting in the park and fancied some prosecco and a baguette, some cheese, strawberries – we didn’t want to waste the sunshine finding somewhere and going around the supermarket. But there’s no service out there that does that, that’s convenient and affordable.’

The picnics on offer cost between £11 and £42 and all have classy names such as ‘Afternoon Delight’ and ‘Little Nibble’. They include classic snacks like cheese, chutney, crisps, bread sticks, and fruit and veg.

All we’re saying is, there’s definitely a market for a ‘Hangover Spesh’ to be added to that list. We’re talking Ribena, day-old pizza and the corner shop’s entire dip selection.

Head here to order yourself a Parknic.

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