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Has Downing Street been hit by a phantom vandal?

Posted at 5:30 pm, June 8, 2015 in News
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Have you spotted the missing letters in signs across London today? Waterstones, Odeon, Rooftop Film Club and even Downing Street all look like they’ve been hit by a phantom vandal. 

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Turns out it’s actually the handiwork of the PR team at the NHS. They’ve been removing As, Os and Bs from signs to help raise awareness of National Blood Week. The move is part of a campaign to encourage people ‘to fill the gaps’ and give blood, replacing more than 204,000 donors who cannot give blood any more.

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An NHS spokesperson says: ‘We have the biggest social media following of any blood service in the world, and a very engaged community – but they’re often people who have already donated.’

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Find out how you can donate blood here

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