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Photo of the day: a tree in Blackheath is hacked off

Posted at 11:15 am, June 8, 2015 in Fun London

SWNS_GRUMP_TREE_009low_resPhoto: SWNS

You thought you were having a bad day? Look at this guy! Passers-by recently noticed this cantankerous chap in Blackheath and quickly labelled him the grumpiest tree in London. He’s a copper beech, and perfectly embodies the idea that life’s a beech and then you die. In many ways he represents us all – he is the everyday Londoner, moaning about leaves on the line and the price of a one-bed. Maybe he just wants us all to leaf him alone. That’s just part of our extensive tree-joke repertoire. Tweet us yours @TimeOutLondon, tagging it #treetyourself.

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