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Tuesday is your last chance to get Benedict Cumberbatch ‘Hamlet’ tickets (almost)

Posted at 12:04 pm, June 11, 2015 in Arts & Entertainment

Benedict Cumberbatch

Thought that tickets to the biggest theatre show of 2015 had already sold out? Well, they haven’t. Barbican has revealed that there are still one hundred £10 tickets available for each performance of their Benedict Cumberbatch-starring adaptation of Shakespeare’s greatest tragedy. But you have to act fast to get one. 

The overwhelming majority of £10 tickets (60 per performance) will be distributed by ballot, and you’ve got until 10am next Tuesday to sign up for a chance. If successful you’ll be notified next Friday and have a week to purchase up to two tickets at £10 each.

After that, it’s every man and woman for themselves: there will be the odd return available, and ten tickets per 100 will be given to charities to distribute, but the remaining tickets will be distributed as day-seats, meaning you’ll have to queue up on the morning of the performance, so it’s going to get pretty feral out there on the Barbican forecourt come summer.

Winning tickets via the ballot will be approximately a billion times less hassle, so sign up today at hamlet.barbican.org.uk. Find out more about ‘Hamlet‘. 

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