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Nearly a third of Londoners are teetotal

Posted at 3:30 pm, June 17, 2015 in Fun London

We Londoners have a bit of a rep for fast living. But it turns out that not all of us follow the age-old work-hard, play-hard philosophy.

A new study from the Office for National Statistics has revealed that 32 percent of Londoners were teetotal in 2013. This is much higher than areas like the South West, North East, North West and South East where less than 20 percent of people were non-drinkers.


But, while some of us don’t touch the good/bad stuff; nearly a quarter of the Londoners surveyed binge drink regularly. 24 percent of people said they had consumed more than six/eight units of alcohol per day on the five days before the study. This ranks London in the middle of the pack, with less binge drinkers than Wales but more than the South West.

Find out more about the study.

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