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London on Instagram: @tschang

Posted at 2:30 pm, June 21, 2015 in Photos of London
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Tun Shin Chang is a civil engineer with a passion for travel and lifestyle photography. He normally heads to Borough Market and Tate Modern to take snaps.

‘I like that all these areas provide me with different feels and scenes, from leisure space to urban landscape,’ he says.

We asked him to give us a tour of London via his Instagram account @tschang.

1. Out of all your pictures of London, which is your favourite?

‘It is such a cruel first question as I have a lot of favourite pictures of London from my feed. However, thinking about what London means to me and what London represents, I choose this picture because despite being a modern, diverse and international city, it still manages to maintain its Britishness and classic charm such as its landmarks, black cabs and telephone booths.’


2. What’s your favourite landmark to snap?

‘My favourite landmark is hands down Big Ben and the Parliament building. It looks timeless all round the year, be it summer or winter, sunny or rainy, day or night.’


3. What’s your go-to filter?

‘I like to try out different filters in VSCO before choosing one. My recent favourite editing app is SKRWT which straightens the converging lines of building facades every time I try to create a front elevation shot. Nowadays, I just like to keep my photos clean with minimal filter effects as much as possible.’


4. Is there a photo you’ve taken that’s been unexpectedly brilliant?

‘I took this picture in Soho on my way home one summer evening as I noticed that the light was really good. It wasn’t a pretty scene (you can tell from the rubbish piles) and it was taken spontaneously. However, I was very satisfied with the outcome as it portrays the life in a busy Soho street.’


5. Where’s the best view in London?

‘The view from Waterloo Bridge as this is where you can get a general view of London at both banks of the Thames. On one side of the bridge, you have the view of the London Eye and the Parliament building. On the other side, your vision could stretch as far on a clear day to St Paul’s and the skyline of London, covering the Gherkin, the Walkie Talkie and the Shard.’


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